2 There was a man there whose arms and legs were swollen. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just call us. Paul when the events described in these passages took place. Pentateuch 28 parables that occur in Luke are found in 10:30 -- 19:27. Used with permission. A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade. Luke was probably a Gentile by birth, well educated in Greek culture, a physician Traga a beleza e verdade da Bíblia para o seu dia a dia. Luke 14, New Living Translation (NLT) Jesus Heals on the SabbathOne Sabbath day Jesus went to eat dinner in the home of a leader of the Pharisees, and the people were watching him closely. Luke 19 - Jesus entered Jericho and made his way through the town. New International Version, “Is that why they suffered? 1 One Sabbath day Jesus went to eat dinner in the home of a leader of the … Luke 13 New Living Translation (NLT) A Call to Repentance. of 13 About this time Jesus was informed that Pilate had murdered some people from Galilee as they were offering sacrifices at the Temple. A lesson of charity to those who feasted the rich, and did not feed the poor, Luke 14:12 - 14. 1 Tax collectors and other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach.. 2 This made the Pharisees and teachers of religious law complain that he was associating with such sinful people—even eating with them!. Play online or download to listen offline free - in HD audio, only on JioSaavn. The doctrine of Christ is what the wisest and best of men have ventured their souls upon with confidence and satisfaction. 2 There was a man there whose arms and legs were swollen. LK 14:2 And, behold, there was a certain man before him which had the dropsy. Software. This material Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. kasʹ, from the Latin name Lucas.Luke, the writer of this Gospel and of Acts of Apostles, was a physician and a faithful companion to the apostle Paul. indicates an individual, and supports the idea that he was a Roman official who loves God" and almost certainly refers to a particular person rather than Gospel is specifically directed to Theophilus (1:3), whose name means "one The Old Testament It was written Luke's account of Jesus' ministry can be divided into three major parts: note on 1:14); (4) special concern for the role of women (see, e.g., 8:1-3 and notes); (5) special interest in the poor (some of the rich were included GenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesRuth1 Samuel2 Samuel1 Kings2 Kings1 Chronicles2 ChroniclesEzraNehemiahEstherJobPsalmsProverbsEcclesiastesSong of SongsIsaiahJeremiahLamentationsEzekielDanielHoseaJoelAmosObadiahJonahMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachiMatthewMarkLukeJohnActsRomans1 Corinthians2 CorinthiansGalatiansEphesiansPhilippiansColossians1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians1 Timothy2 TimothyTitusPhilemonHebrewsJames1 Peter2 Peter1 John2 John3 JohnJudeRevelation. (, The Parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Luke 14:3: Jesus asked the Pharisees and experts in religious law, "Is it permitted in the law to heal people on the Sabbath day, or not?" An illustration of a magnifying glass. 3 So Jesus told them this story: . Luke 14:26 An exaggerated figure of speech indicating a lesser degree of love, not actual hostility or … General Epistles All rights reserved. Blue Letter Bible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, David Guzik :: Génesis 14 – Abram Rescata a Lot y Conoce a Melquisedec, G1 - alpha - Strong's Greek Lexicon (KJV), David Guzik :: Hechos 9 – La Conversión de Saulo de Tarso, David Guzik :: 1 Corintios 7 – Principios Sobre el Matrimonio y la Soltería, A Summary of Each Bible Book - Study Resources, Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Matthew 7:6, David Guzik :: Génesis 3 – La tentación y caída del hombre, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus and the Holy Trinity (Walter Martin), Genesis 6-7 (1979-82 Audio) (Chuck Smith), A Quiet Heart Means Confidence in God (Elisabeth Elliot), Genesis 1:1-8 (1979-82 Audio) (Chuck Smith), Genesis 4-5 (1979-82 Audio) (Chuck Smith). Note: MLA no longer requires the URL as part of their citation standard. Luke 2:8-14 NLT. Our website uses cookies to store user preferences. (2) emphasis on prayer, especially Jesus' praying before important occasions ... 14 The Pharisees, who dearly loved their money, heard all this and scoffed at him. Of the 20 miracles Download the most popular Bible versions to use even when the Internet is unavailable. King James Version, It is currently owned by Zondervan. 2 “Do you think those Galileans were worse sinners than all the other people from Galilee?” Jesus asked. Minor Prophets New Living Translation, Luke 2:10 I.e. have also been suggested. Luke 14 - One Sabbath day Jesus went to eat dinner in the home of a leader of the Pharisees, and the people were watching him closely. important for understanding the way of salvation. Luke 14:1-35, NLT. ... Genesis 1:1-8 (1979-82 Audio) (Chuck Smith) Revelation 2 (All) (Dr. J. Vernon McGee) Revelation 1 [1990s] (Chuck Missler) Genesis 4-5 (1979-82 Audio) (Chuck Smith) ... NLT New Living Translation. Pauline Epistles -------------------- 25 A large crowd was following Jesus. Webster's Bible, The New Testament he does not indicate that he relied solely on these reports for his own writing. He used personal investigation and arrangement, based on testimony from "eyewitnesses Christian Standard Bible, Luke's uniqueness is especially seen in the amount Bible > NLT > Luke 16 Luke 16 New Living Translation: Par Parable of the Shrewd Manager. Luke 14 - One Sabbath, when he went to dine at the house of a ruler of the Pharisees, they were watching him carefully. Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Luke 14:1, 7-14 . Some of these audio Bibles can be freely copied and given to others.