Finding out that Mitsuo may have a girlfriend, she formulates a plan to determine her identity and enlists Banri's and 2D-kun's help. They start by watching Oka-chan’s house, thinking that she is the most likely candidate. When their sensei arrives and relates another characteristic of old Banri, Banri feels even worse, but soon after taking pictures with former classmates he feels better. He then goes on to tell Koko that his feelings for Linda return sometimes in flashes. When she does return, Banri notices she is dejected, but she denies anything is wrong, until she breaks down in tears and relays to Banri her fears that he might one day leave her. - tai didžiausia, daugiausiai populiariausių ir naujausių, lietuviÅ¡kai subtitruotų … This place is too good to be true. Later that night, Mitsuo tells Banri he will settle things with Koko, because he wants to pursue a relationship with Chinami, and the next day Mitsuo flatly rebuffs Koko's affection in front of Banri. The group is escorted back to the city by the police. During the performance, Banri has a mental break as his past self reasserts itself and he freaks out and runs away. With Nijigen feeling exhausted, Koko instead drives the car back home. Mitsuo wishes he could have invited Linda and wonders where her hometown is located. As Ghost Banri watches, Banri dreams about when he was in the hospital and met with Linda (whom he didn't remember at the time), and about the message he was supposed to "pass along to her friend". On the way home he tells Nana that he had the wrong idea about her, and that she is actually really nice. Koko then appears as she hands over a letter of resignation from the club to its president. After class, Banri meets Koko. While waiting for Koko and Mitsuo on the street, Banri suffers another memory break and fails to recognize them when they arrive. Banri discusses the event of ghost Banri falling from the bridge with a doctor, who can do nothing more than provide a sedative for him. Koko reveals she was actually a nice person, and only acts stuck up around Mitsuo due to her feelings for him, while also confessing that she really was just using her friendship with Banri to get closer to Mitsuo. Banri later returns to Tokyo and attends university with his friends. Koko tells Banri about a dream she had where she was riding in a car with Banri and at a place where they are told to stop the car, Koko gets off and the car drives away, which makes her believe that if Banri should regain his memories that he would fall in love with Linda instead of her. O nome do anime remete aos tempos de ouros que é a universidade no Japão, um romance escolar um pouco diferente do habitual. Aquí podrás ver y descargar todas tus series preferidas. One day, Banri is called back to his apartment because of a plumbing leak, but when he arrives he meets Nana again, who reveals that she is his neighbor, and that she faked the leak to get him to meet with Linda. In the morning on the way to school, Banri runs into Nana and tries to talk to her during the train ride. At their first dance rehearsal, Koko demonstrates she cannot dance, which causes her to be depressed and cry. Banri then tries to rip the picture of them together, with the ghost of the old Banri looking on and saying no. While he sympathizes with their wishes, he does not want to lose his current self. After reminiscing about their old relationship, Banri asks Linda what her feelings for him were in the past, and she responds that she only saw him as a friend. Meanwhile, at the Banri home, Linda and her brother show up to go to the class reunion. Afterwards they all spend the night at Banri's apartment, but while everyone sleeps, Banri texts Linda, who was next door, and they meet on the balcony. They profess their love for one another and Banri presents his ring to Koko, which she gladly accepts. Koko enters Banri's apartment alone after going through his mail because she misses him so much. Back at Banri's apartment with only Banri and Koko, Banri apologizes to Koko for breaking their friendship mirror, then considers the impact of giving Koko his mother's ring. After orientation, Banri and Mitsuo learn that Koko was also a student at their university, much to Mitsuo's horror. Golden Time Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Koko apologizes for not taking care of him properly and making a fuss when he was not feeling well. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Linda admits that Nana took care of him first. Banri joins the circle, and soon Koko does too. Golden Time (ゴールデンタイム, Gōruden Taimu?, lit.Tiempo dorado) es una serie de novelas ligeras japonesas escritas por Yuyuko Takemiya e ilustradas por Ēji Komatsu. With everyone now ready, they successfully perform in the festival. It starts off with Koko and Banri meeting Nijigen at the wrong place, and delays in picking up Chinami and Mitsuo. He tries to go to the hospital by himself, but Nana finds him and takes him there. I have a few ideas of what they could do for a next season or even an ova, i understand from watching golden time, i find that i was beautifully made from start to finish, the storyline is finished as far as i know as i dont see any cliffhangers in the last episode but something i was upset about was how much they rushed the last episode, i feel as if a lot happend in the last episode and that it could of been released over 2 episodes. 地獄の豚バラ炒め 〜the seven deadly sins〜, リターン・トゥ・イエスタディ, "Golden Time Anime's Ad Previews College Romantic Comedy",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. When Banri shows he does not remember she had a brother, a saddened Linda leaves, but not before she uses the words he used to comfort her in the past to encourage him to be there for Koko. She listens with her usual cool attitude. While waiting on party-goers, Banri sees that Linda is also working at the party dressed as a devil girl. Koko (who ran up the stairs) arrives and announces she is going to make yakisoba for him. Banri arrives at the Golden Time restaurant where the Festival Club is setting up for a gathering at the Fireworks Extravaganza and the club members are strangely welcoming and eerily nice, which sets Banri on edge. Koko's father enters her room and orders Banri to cook some ramen, while Koko returns to bed. Este manga comenzó en octubre de 2011 y lleva ocho volúmenes recopilatorios hasta el … On his way home, he once again runs into Koko, who uses his phone to locate Mitsuo, but upon returning it, he notices the phone number for a hospital, causing him to remember a time when he was on a bridge and was seemingly run over by a motorbike. As they make their way to their orientation, they are greeted by a beautiful young woman, who presents Mitsuo with a bouquet of roses and then proceeds to smack him with them before leaving. When the club members arrive to pick up the attendants, Banri becomes suspicious of them when he notices they all wear a similar pendant, and more so when they bring the group to a remote location. Banri comforts Linda by saying she is not alone, and he will bear the lie she knows with her, and will always find her and be there for her, but he fails to reassure her when she asks. She assures him that she couldn't have come and seen him if that were the case. During the Awa dance performance, Banri narrates how moments and feelings are born and later die. After class, Banri meets and befriends freshman Chinami Oka and Linda, a second year student and member of the Japanese Festival Culture Research Club. Golden Time 1. rész - Tavasz. At Banri's apartment, Chinami arrives earlier as planned as she plans to have a serious conversation with Banri before the others arrive. The series aired in Japan between October 3, 2013[1] and March 27, 2014. That night they have a return home dinner for Banri, and he notices that Chinami has cut her hair. He sees Koko get out of a cab in front of his building, so he waits by the elevator to surprise her. Meanwhile, Chinami had invited Koko to help her unpack, and invites Koko to stay overnight, but while Koko denies that she was there to help and will not stay, she relents. They reaffirm their decision to go to the beach together. Before he can wonder if having the same accident would let him do things over again, Koko manages to catch up to Banri and tells him not leave her, confessing that she loves him. Banri then considers giving Koko his mother's ring as the moment is perfect, but realizes he didn't bring it. Needing to use the restroom, Koko gets out of the car in her swimsuit, and the rest of the group follows. After returning to school, Banri meets Koko, who gives him a mirror that matches hers to commemorate their friendship. His relationship with Koko is still intact. After fiddling with the notes he made for himself prior to the return of his former memories, Banri opens his e-mail account and discovers that someone has been sending e-mails to Koko under his name. Koko suddenly falls ill and does not come to school for several days. Koko then tackles Nana in a stranglehold, trying to get Nana to not tell Banri that she went into Banri's room and did what she did while he wasn't there. Banri confides in her about his recent dilemma. After Chinami admonishes Banri for being too friendly with Linda because she's the girl Mitsuo likes, Banri catches up with Koko to share everything that happened. After throwing a tantrum and sniffing Banri's pillow, she tries to get a hold of herself by doing The Exorcist. Later in Banri’s apartment, Mitsuo and Banri discuss their swimwear choices as well. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. "That" turns out to be the club performing a special dance as they circle around Koko and Banri. Go home, you're drunk. Banri cuts her off, causing her to leave with Banri calling out to Koko. Afterwards, Linda indicates that she wants to talk with Banri and Koko goes to distract Mitsuo in the meantime. Koko notices Banri's unusual behavior around Linda, but when she questions him, he denies that anything is wrong. The two of them try the swimsuits on, and discuss Koko’s and Banri’s relationship, and Koko tells about Banri resisting her kiss in the park. He vows to become an evil spirit and curse Banri with unhappiness. Banri is excited, but Koko insists that he sit blindfolded with his hands in his pockets while she cooks. The show had two opening and ending themes, sung by Yui Horie. The festival is about to start, so the other club members start to abandon Koko where she sits. Banri lies and says he doesn't know. She becomes acquainted with Banri during a shared class, and he soon becomes smitten. Shortly afterward, Koko becomes tired and falls asleep at the wheel. Stunned by Koko's words, Banri waits for Koko where she had rejected him, hoping Koko would come back. After Linda uses the same technicality to win the game, the class catches up at the party with many of his classmates warmly welcoming him despite his not remembering any of them. Nijigen, bewildered by his friends actions and feeling left out of what's happening, intends to have a get-together to revive their friendship. Upon arrival, Koko gets slapped by her father, and the trip to Barcelona is cancelled. Afterwards, Banri states that he indeed returned to his former self with his memories since his accident now lost. After returning to his senses, Banri plans to return to his hometown, feeling certain that his memories and former self will return. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. In a flashback, Banri confesses his love to Linda, and she agrees to tell him her response the following night on the bridge where Banri would have his accident. Banri goes to Koko's home to talk with her, finding Koko unwilling to get out of bed. At the performance, Mitsuo renews his focus of filming the Festival Club, while Linda points out that Koko isn't nervous as she tries to help the fourth years. Download Golden Time BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia Batch dalam format Mkv 480P, Mkv 720P, Download Golden Time BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia Batch ... Anime Movie Anime ONA Anime OVA Anime Special Fall 2008 Fall 2009 Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 Fall 2015 Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Fall 2018 Fall 2019 … He meets a new friend Takaya Satō, nicknamed Nijigen. Don't believe us? He notices that Koko seems lonely without Mitsuo.