The insulation oil used in power transformers is a combination of liquid transformer oil and solid impregnated cellulose. The permeability of human body is equals to permeability of air but within a human body has different electromagnetic values at a certain frequency for different material. These effects can be aggravated by severe weather conditions.An example in this sense is the Murphy oil spill (due to the failure of a storage tank at the Murphy Oil USA refinery) that had particularly affected residential areas in Louisiana. When these strong, direction-shifting magnetic fields get directed at a human, small electrical currents begin to pulse through the body. The called “industrial frequencies” (50 … ... overheating, and arcing in many different power transformers. Transformer oil is one kind of highly refined oil which is used as coolant and heat exchanger in different electronic equipments. Comparing power transformer health with human body health Power transformers are static electric machines used to step-up or step-down voltage in electric power applications. This practice is fraught with the danger of the diesel oil entering the respiratory system. The resistance of human body taken between two hands or between and legs ranges 500mA to 50kΩ. But crucially, to produce the effect, the field cannot be static like Earth’s magnetic field; rather, it must change directions over time. Main functions of transformer oil: (1) Insulation function: transformer oil has much higher insulation strength than air. If the resistance of the human body has assumed as 20kΩ, then a contact with 230 volt supply can be potentially fatal, 230/20,000 = 11.5 mA. (2) Heat dissipation: the specific heat of transformer oil is large, and it is often used as coolant. Oil spills have negative impacts on the residents of the affected areas. The capital cost of a power transformer in the range of 100MVA can be $1M or more, and by the time it is under operation, the price is increased. Table 1 – Current Range And Its Effects on human body. But rat studies under the National Toxicology Program cleared it, stating that castor oil at concentrations up to 10% in the diet of rats was not toxic. Increase of frequency decreases the danger of current through the human body. 1) EMF Effects Human beings: The human body is a composed of some biological materials like blood, bone, brain, lungs, muscle, skin etc. Chemical interactions occur between … The insulating material soaked in oil can not only improve the insulation strength, but also avoid the erosion of moisture. The leakage current I = E / R, where E is the supply voltage and R the body resistance. Essential oils affect the body through inhalation, application to the skin, and by ingestion. 5. The average […] Ricinoleic acid was suspected to be toxic to humans. When essential oil molecules enter through the nose, they reach the lungs and find their way into the blood stream and every part of the body. THE EFFECTS OF OIL AND LUBRICANT ON HUMAN RESPIRATORY SYSTEM A sight, which is commonly seen in the mining industry and elsewhere, is the practice of siphoning from the fuel tank by suction through mouth after inserting a rubber tube in the tank.